Energy Locals has access to expertise, products and services that can deliver many financial and non-financial benefits to you and your customers. Broadly, we offer customers exceptional value, convenience and reduced environmental impact and pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective benefits in line with our core values of:

fair and transparent pricing

excellent customer service (including post-project support to your customers)

innovative products

environmentally friendly energy solutions

Some benefits of partnering with us on your development projects are listed below. These are discussed in more detail in the Products & Services section. For real-life examples of benefits and savings we have delivered to customers, see our projects.

Benefits we deliver include:

Cost savings

Community Energy Networks
Providing electricity, gas, water, and Telco services

No risk & cost-free infrastructure maintenance
We stand by our products and maintain everything at our cost

Greener energy solutions

Solutions to reduce or eliminate reliance on the grid

Battery storage

EV charging

Smart metering

Unmetered gas for cook tops, barbecue points and central heating

Energy Reviews and Procurement
(gas & electricity)

Energy Management and Monitoring

Energy Audits

Energy Efficient Upgrades
(Lighting, Motors, Fan, Pumps, etc.)

Accredited Certificate Provider for the Energy Saving Scheme
(NSW Only)

Energy Saving Certificates to support initiatives

Project Management

Onsite emergency generation options like:

Solar PV

Centralised hot water & gas

Wind generation



Your energy.
Your future.

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