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Why we’ve moved past the traditional energy model

We’re driven by one over-arching belief – that the traditional energy model isn’t what’s best for consumers, the environment or the future of energy.

It’s too complex and difficult to navigate for the average consumer, which makes it harder to make an informed decision that truly helps you get the best price with peace of mind that your money is doing good in addition to getting your power needs met.

We empower developers to create best-in-class solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and sustainable, creating a better service for residents into the future.

We’re committed to operating with transparency and honesty. That means we tell it like it is, and we’ve done our best to make it easy to understand what we’re offering, why it works and how much it costs.

Here are some of the ways we’re doing this across our range of products and services:

Fixed fee *: We don’t earn money from the amount of energy our on market retail customers use. Instead, a small and fixed membership gives you energy usage rates at the cheapest price we can get them. By not earning money from usage, our values are aligned with yours – after all, no-one wants to use more power.

*(for our retail energy customers – Community Energy Customer have a different pricing model)

We are not your average energy company

World-class partners

We work with some of the most innovative leading brands in energy to bring innovative solutions to our customers and our work with developers.

Solar friendly

If you have solar, we’ll pay you a feed-in tariff for anything you don’t use. If you’re about to get solar we can also help you get a shiny new smart meter installed.

Support great organisations

We proudly support organisations that are doing great things: charities such as Cancer Council, schools and communities like Manilla Solar that are developing new, local renewable energy projects.

Carbon neutral

We buy carbon offsets for 100% of the energy we provide to our on market retailscustomers, as well as 100% of the energy we use running Energy Locals, at no extra cost to you*

*Energy Locals on Market Retail customers only.

100% Aussie service

Are you done with rubbish customer service? Our entire team is right here in Australia and provides customers with epic service – just check our online reviews.

Simple rates

Unnecessary step rates, 4 decimal points, small print that costs hundreds of dollars? Not here. We offer super simple tariffs that make comparing prices easy.

Get great rates, permanently

We don’t sneak away discounts when you’re not looking.

Smart meters and smart data

Got a smart meter already? Our online portal will show you half hourly usage. Not got one yet? We can have one installed cheaply and quickly. For our on market retail customers only. Our CEN customers all have smart meters already installed.

Killing traditions


We proudly support two of the world’s largest battery companies – Sonnen and Tesla – so customers can help keep the grid stable while benefiting from cheaper, cleaner power. Mmmm off-peak power.


Solar continues to grow rapidly. We help solar installers get digital meters installed – fast – so customers can lean on the sun a little faster, while also getting a great solar feed-in tariff. In our Community Energy Networks installing solar is our bread and butter – check out our projects to see what we do.

Peer-to-Peer Power

Not everyone has the right roof, garage, or bank balance for new energy hardware. That’s why we partnered with Aussie blockchain startup Enosi to enable the country’s first widely available peer-to-peer solar offer.

Rum source or sauce?

Huh? yes, rum. We buy our power in NSW from a power station that takes waste sugar cane, dries it out and creates enough power for about 60,000 homes. Another byproduct of sugar production from the very same crops – bagasse – is used by Lord Byron Distillery to make rum. Cheers!

Your energy.
Your future.

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