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Discover what we are doing, to provide better, cleaner community energy

We’ve helped equip residential, commercial and industrial developments across Australia with the most sustainable energy solutions, such as solar power, electric vehicle charging stations and even battery storage.

We partner with some of Australia’s top property developers and builders, to help create gold standard ‘green buildings’. Backed by one of the world’s leading renewable energy partners we bring bring innovative local and global technology and skills to power our Australian communities.

If you’d like your building to also have access to greener, low-carbon, low-cost energy, we recommend you speak to your Owners Corporation to get in touch with Energy Locals, or send us an email at info@energylocals.com.au.

Award Winning

Green Energy
Retailer of the Year

Who says nice guys finish last? We’ve been awarded the Green Energy Retailer of the Year (Retail-Only) for two years running by Finder. Join us and you’ll be supporting a sustainable future.

Cleaner Energy

Net Zero Emissions

For most customers, all your power usage is 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost. We also help clients such as Tesla to optimise thousands of home energy batteries via virtual power plants, and we’re adding millions of dollars worth of solar PV to the roofs of apartment buildings at no up front cost.

We’re done with the traditional energy model. We believe in the science of climate change. We also believe that we can – and must – do something about it. Rather than whinge, we’re getting on with the job. Our goal is for customers to be able to use as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control.

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